Game Design and Development


Run! You’ve been spotted by a group that doesn’t like outliers. Find a way to blend in so you can make it to the ship in order to escape. Using your special ability, blend in with the locals by shifting from vibrant blue to black and white in order to make it to the ship to escape. Click here to download the build and play!

The Final Frontier

Three. Two. One. Houston we have lift off. As a meteor shower rains down over earth, you have only one mission, make it to space! Fly a remote controlled space craft into space and gain money and trust from the government as you go. The higher you get, the more funding you get. Upgrade your space craft so you can get all the way to the end of the Milky Way Galaxy. Click here to download the build and play!


Zombies! They have infested the hospital you are staying at. Everyone around you is trying to escape and you have a limited amount of time before you completely turn. Gather pills and syringes to avoid your infection rate rising. Time is running out before the only thing you can eat is brains! Run through 3 different areas in the hospital trying cure yourself. The closer you get to Doctors and other patients, the risk of you getting infected goes up significantly! Click here to download the build and play!

Farm Fresh Explosions

Sound the alarm! The aliens are invading! After taking you and some of your crops, suddenly your crops are lethal! Tomatoes act like bombs, corn like a mini gun, a carrot like a sword, and an egg plant like a bazooka. Battle your way through an alien space ship in order to escape with your life. Get back to your farm before more crops are taken and turned into lethal weapons. Click here to play!

Farm Fresh Explosions Final Boss Battle