Operation Midnight Stripes

Undergraduate Capstone Project

Operation Midnight Stripes started out as a project made in a Game Design Course my sophomore year of college. With the help of 5 other people on my team, we successfully created a narrative design document and an escape room game that can be easily set up with relatively common items found in your house. Over the course of the two years to follow, I continued to make games set in the same world we created in the narrative design document. One of them being an escape room in a box/table top rpg. After creating this small solo project with the help of my advisor, I decided I wanted to make the original project as a VR game, which was the original idea for the project, however due to lack of knowledge in Game Development we could not produce this game how we wanted. Over the course of my Junior and Senior year, I worked to learn Unity game development and virtual reality game development. Ultimately I created Operation Midnight Stripes VR. Below is links to my project and a video to my capstone presentation demonstrating my research and snippets from the project I made.