Texas Throw ‘Em

Graduate Capstone Project
Hoodwink 2022-23

Texas Throw ‘Em is a 3D Action game based in the American Wild West, specifically the 1890’s in what is now known as Arizona. The game follows a stage magician who has perfected the art of throwing cards to disarm, distract, and wreak havoc around them for their own personal gain. Complete heists, rob people, and try to not get caught by the bounty hunters. The only goal: get as much money before needing to escape.

This project is being developed by 4 individuals at RIT. All 4 members of the team are second year graduate students in Game Design and Development. Development of the project began in mid August of 2022 and will conclude in late April of 2023.

For information on the latest build of the game, please click here.