Narrative Design

Operation Midnight Stripes

Operation Midnight Stripes is an NDD designed to be told through a series of escape rooms. This story is set around the idea that Russia launched nuclear missiles at the US during the Cold War sparking a third world war. The story follows 3 groups of characters in 3 different parts of the world The first squadron is based in the US, the second squadron is based in Finland and Europe, the third squadron is based in Japan and China. They all have a different set of missions with an end goal of meeting in Russia to take down Boris Yeltsin, the President of Russia at the time. Since the creation of this group project, I have continued to work on it independently to create a RPG game out of it, as well as create a Virtual Reality Escape room. To view the NDD, click here.


Mock Movie Poster. Click the preview for full size image.

Inferno is a Narrative Design Document created in a World Building class. This world was created around the idea the world suddenly reversed global warming to a point of a new ice age. The story set in the world was created to be a series of movies. The work I did for this group project was primarily the Character creation in the NDD as well as the reference images created for the project. To view the NDD, click here.

Mock Scene from the Project. Click the preview for full size image.

Night of the Tribe

Night of the Tribe is a Narrative Design Document and Paper Prototype created in Introduction to Game Design. The game was designed around the idea that the Salem Witch Trials had real witches that had been chemically created in a lab. The main story focused around a set of characters attempting to take down the mysterious being behind the witches creation. To view the NDD, click here.