Board Games

Wrestle Royal

Are you ready to rumble? Wrestle your way through 3 other opponents to be the biggest, baddest, most fearsome wrestlers in the world. Using standard household items like paper, rubber bands, a deck of cards, and clothes pins, this game is incredibly easy to set up. The clothes pins act as the wrestlers! Put a rubber band between the clothes pins and twist them enough to so there is plenty of tension, release on a count of 3 and which ever clothes pin is on top wins! This along with the an easy to learn set of rules for traversing around a board map makes this game a ton of fun! Click here to download the game documents!

The Front Lines

This game was created in collaboration with the same group that I worked on Operation Midnight Stripes with. The game was created by using two standard card decks to make a fun and unique game that almost anyone can set up in a matter of minutes. The game uses one deck to lay out the game board, and the other deck acts a die to determine player movement. 48 cards are placed in a 12 x 4 grid face down so you can not see the number or suit of the card. A red king and queen and a black king and queen are used the game pieces that move around the board. The players draw cards from the second pile. The color and suit determine which card moves. (IE clubs 8 means the clubs card moves 8 spaces) The player will pick a card in the next row of 4 to flip over. If it is the same color as their team, they are safe and can proceed forward. If not they are dead and the game continues with the next randomly drawn card. Dead players now act as a safe space for their team mates.

Kingdom of Enhancements

Imagine a board game version of Capture the Flag but you can only move a total of 100 spaces. Now that you have the core concept of the game, add in unique enhancement abilities that give players ability to stun the flag carrier, causing them to drop the flag. Or an ability that allows them to steal moves from their opponents. This is the basic concept of Kingdom of Enhancements.

The main idea when creating this game was limiting turns and actual number of moves in the game. Instead of making it so that you had to steal the flag and get it back to your castle, giving you a point. The game focuses on holding the flag and stealing it from your opponents. The game ends after everyone has used 100 moves. The rules are relatively straight forward, players can move 100 spaces on the game board through out the entire game, but can not exceed 15 spaces in one turn, nor can they use the same number twice. So if a player decides to use 15, 14, 13 in the first 3 turns of the game, they can do so but can not reuse those moves for the rest of the game. That is of course not including the enhancement cards. These cards are made up of 10 different unique abilities, each card having a unique rarity and number of uses. This was done to make it so that cards are harder to be considered overpowered or broken.